Economics incursion

Today we did a economics lesson it was really fun.We had a girl from Commonwealth Bank come in and teach us a lesson on how to earn and save money. She had these cards that made up a money symbol $$$ ,the first money symbol was chores like washing the car and maybe you just might get money to spend. Another one was neighbourhood jobs  like you can help your neighbourhood with  jobs. Another one was trade and sell and we learnt that you don’t sell other people’s things permission or trade.

She said that there are three things to help you save

  • See it (she got us to do an activity.we had to close our eyes and visualise what we are going to save for)
  • Earn it (she got us to create a fake
  • Save it


100wc #week10

I was climbing up a mountain when I saw a very old shack.

I knocked on the door nothing. I was fed up I went in and suddenly a skeleton came crashing down on me I ran down the mountain and fell into mud the skeleton was right behind me it was running as fast as it could I could tell because it was looking so ANGRY!

The skeleton went head first into the mud but it could not move it was trapped a piranha was eating it up

this was my chance and it is still there right now

(by Aryaveer)


semester 1 goals and reflection

goalI would like to get better at spelling because, I am not a very good speller and I would like to get better at division because, I am not very good at division but, I like all other maths like addition subtraction multiplication and I am not very good at division. I’m also not very good with decimals or adding decimals. Bringing in my notes is a big problem just like getting my homework done in time I always leave it to the last minute. I would also like to do joint writing because my print script is really messy.

Goal reflection: I achieved my goals by taking time at my writing and it got a little bit better but I still think I could improve. And I got a little better after I went to Jude’s room to do long division I sort of get it but I still get stuck along the way. I still do not know much about decimals and I would like learn how to add them together when I do homework I plan in my diary to do my homework on a Monday or Tuesday, sometimes Wednesday. I’m on top of my notes but sometimes I forget.

Future goalsI still need to learn about decimals I don’t really know how to add decimals and I would like to improve. I really need to improve my reading because I would to finish books for the reading challenge and be a fast reader. And I’m always nerves to talk in front of the class and not be really shy. And I am a really bad speller and I would like to catch up. And being organised should help me be on topic in class. And I need to improve doing projects with different people so I can do some learning.

Goal reflection: I’m a lot better decimals after this semester but I still need to work on division and bit on decimals. I’ve been practising lots on reading but my literacy book helped me I didn’t finish the book but I only had a little bit left. I have had to read a lot of speeches in front of the class. But when I did school captain I had to read it in front of all the 5/6 I was so nerves. But after I did it, I wanted to do it again. And I’ve got way better at spelling with all the practise.

Future goals: Next year I would like to do a bit more working with decimals and my time tables. And maybe work on getting ready for high school like exams, learning a different language etc. I feel like I need to get better at reading because I would like to finish a book fast. And maybe a little bit more practice on spelling and division, or become a SRC or green team etc. But I feel I most need to get better at organization and neat writing. And I would like to be a house caption.


Narrative writing – lonely

  …………………………………………………………………………….Chapter 1

“This is going to be an exciting day.” Jonathan whispered to himself.

The joyful child rushed down the stairs, but he stopped at the bottom because he saw his young mother dead on the ground. Jonathan fell to his knees and put his hand on her head. A tear fall down to her chest. Jonathan wasn’t excited any more.

His sister Rose and his dad Peter were crying of sadness. For days Jonathan would not eat anything, sometimes he wouldn’t even come down from his dark and dull room and he would never talk to anyone.

Jonathan couldn’t show his face any where ,even though he had no friends, Jonathan and his family had to move to Australia. Jonathan had always wanted to visit Australia when he was young, but so did his mum. But it still didn’t matter what the sad and lonely boy had to say because him and his 3/4 of Jonathan’s family were already at the airport in Australia. He went to get his luggage but their luggage wasn’t there and they were waiting for more than half an hour but it didn’t turn up.

Jonathan’s family walked out of the Airport with no luggage. But it turns out Peter didn’t have a House or Money because they spent it on the plane. So they were living on the streets. the dirty, rusty and cloudy streets with nothing but filth.

After a few months of doing nothing on the street, there was a little red flame.

“Its a fire run!” Peter yelled. The whole family ran in opposite directions because there was such a big crowd and they were pushing everyone in different directions to get away from the flame. It was getting bigger and bigger and it turned in to a fire. Dad went in the direction of the city, Jonathan went in the direction of the bush and who knows were Rose could be?

The shy boy walked over and there was know one there “Help! Jonathan screamed. There was no answer, but Jonathan heard some leaves crunch. The scared boy tip toed over to the noise and found a girl laying on the ground “is she asleep?”

But it turns out the girl was dead,it was a bird making the sound. But Jonathan didn’t give up, he kept looking for help, and the help paid off because he found his dad , and Rose holding his hand. Jonathan rushed to give them a hug. But it was to late Jonathan was in heaven , after the fire. And rose and peter died before he saw them it was just his imagination.

……………………………………………………………………………Chapter 2 coming soon

My prepared speech

Good mourning 5/6B and lee today I’ll be talking to you about what is a monopoly not the board game even though its based on it.

A monopoly is when one person/company/group controls all the byers, since there is only one of the company and monopoly is a market situation where there is only one provider of a service.

A situation in which a single company owns all or nearly all of the market for a given type of product or service.
Hears a quote from Steve Ballmer

We don’t have a monopoly. We have market share. There’s a difference.


Hears a quote from Phyllis Schlafly

Our public school system is our country’s biggest and most inefficient monopoly, yet it keeps demanding more and more money.


Hears a quote from William Stanley Jevons

Property is only another name for monopoly.

thank you

100wc week #6 it felt like…

Today I’m going to my friends house her name is Emma. We met when we were in kindergarten. We have never stopped playing together since.

She invited me to her house in class, when the teacher was asking me a question. She past me a note and it said, hi Amy your coming to my house after school no BUTS AND NO DISAGREEING you are coming no matter what.

I arrived at her house and she handed me a tin of green slimy stuff, it looked like mushy pees. Emma dared me to put my hand in it. You have no idea what it felt like.

6 room poem process

goal: I understand and experiment with sound devices and imagery in poetry.

in this lesson we hat to visualise and we has to  write done different rooms. room 1 we had to pick a image/photograph-think of something that is 2 you look at light- look at the same image but right about the colours,how does it look . room 3 hat you can here? voices?silence? 

Here is were you can listen to me read my poem:

I can see the bright light 

I can smell the flowers 

the bright light reminds me of the night

 I can feel a strong power

     To bumpy to touch 

To dull to look at

The work was to much 

 like a wild cat

Narrative writing – The gift

Listen to me read my narrative/story:


1963: “Jo” someone called from down the streets. That was all I heard for a few seconds. Bang! “Ahh what was that!” Jo called “Get out off there “someone shouted out. Its an earthquake. “what,” Jo called. shh bang I can feel the ground shaking. “Quick run!” Jo heard. But it was to late. My house was all really smashed to pieces

1967: ” I’ve bean living on the streets for 4 years now, its horrible im lucky to get a tiny bit of food once week.  i just hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else Ever! even though I know it will. I wish I could have one wish I could wish to make the world a better place like being able to give food and water to the people like me living on the streets and how will I get a home. I wish I could have one wish.

If I had one wish, I would wish for a family or a home. It feels like I have amnesia, like I can’t remember who my parents are , and I don’t even know my age, I think I’m  40 or 50  maybe even 60 I don’t know.

1978:  It’s new years eve, all I can think about is getting a house, wait where am I? This looks like a house, I stepped outside, it was sunny not dull like normal. Am I still alive? I start to cry with joy, it feels like I’m in heaven, ” oi”  what are you doing, get back into that bed.” Shouted a man. 

It turns out I was in hospital. I was just to die as the doctor explained to me. I was devastated, I thought my with came true. ”What wish called the doctor.”

” Don’t worry.” I replied in tears, good bye!.  🙁

I hope you enjoyed my story, if you want feel free to give me feedback in the comment section. And also feel free to give me story ideas, thank you. 🙂

100wc If I had $1,000,000

If I had $1,000,000 I would bye a Home to live in, a Car to drive in (maybe), Food and things to keep me alive like lots of Water and Heath care,education, after IF I had any money left I would give it to charity.

Some PEOPLE think you just need shelter food, health care I think the same thing but I like to have a house is well and I would like to have a car to get to places far away,I know you don’t need education but I’d like to so I can get a job and get money so I can pay my bill and for closes.


If I had $1,000,000 I would bye a Home to live in, a Car to drive in (maybe), Food and things to keep me alive like lots of Water and Heath care, education, after IF I had any money left I would give it to charity.

Some PEOPLE think you just need shelter food, health care I think the same thing but I like to have a house is well and I would like to have a car to get to places far away,I know you don’t need education but I’d like to so I can get a job and get money so I can pay my bill and for closes.